Transparency of process – we follow a simple clear and robust process. We have distilled our approach from the collective examination and practice of a number of methodologies with a view of keeping our approach as simple as possible. It embraces the SSC Guidelines for Project Quality Assurance (PQA)

No surprises and full disclosure of project status and our views – problems and issues will be tabled as soon as they arise to the appropriate people and expressed in the most effective way – we are mindful that sensitivity is required in dealing with actual and potential risks and voicing opinions that could be construed as critical of project team members and our clients. We will exercise tact and diplomacy

Our reports will be very clear and suitable for Steering Committee, Executive, CEO or Board review embracing easy to understand graphics such as a traffic light approach to indicate the level of assessed risk of 23 particular areas and how those risks are trending

A risk management approach that adds most value by predicting the likely consequences – a future state – from current work status and issues thereby giving the project team sufficient time to develop and implement risk mitigation actions before the impact of the risk is felt

Proactive advice – we believe that there is little value in just alerting the project to a potential risk – real value is derived from offering sound, practical advice about the actions that should now be taken

Understanding the particular issues that make the programme and the client unique – our approach will be tuned to your particular circumstances

Understanding the business context of the Programme – how the work will assist our client and realise their strategic intent

Developing the appropriate communication and relationships with key team members, the business sponsor and the Steering Committee – both formally and informally – that facilitates understanding, openness and trust

Respecting and following the values of the client