Consultancy Services

Business Improvement & Management Consultancy Services

The powerhouse of an achieving business is the organisation and focus of its management. Their belief and commitment, their ability to recognise potential and embrace change when necessary are fundamental to strong growth and continued profitability. Azimuth’s senior consultants work alongside corporate leaders in a broad range of industries, helping them to recognise their organisation’s capabilities and then harness the power of their resources for maximum gain.

Azimuth’s business and management consultancy services include the following:

    • Value Chain Alignment
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Value for Money reviews and plans
    • Business planning
    • Feasibility studies
    • Management consultancy
    • Strategic management of “mission critical” projects
    • Business re-engineering
    • Organisational reviews
    • Change management
Information Management & Planning Services

Gathering and harnessing information that works to a company’s competitive advantage has never been more crucial. Azimuth’s approach to information management and planning is to see past the technical and operational needs and to assess information management requirements instead within the broader context of corporate and mangerial objectives.

That ability to take a different perspective, to look beyond the immediate to a far wider concern, and to do so with utter independence, is what distinguishes Azimuth’s methods of investigation from more limited outlooks.

Information management and planning services include the following:

    • Information systems strategic planning
    • Telecommunications and voice systems planning
    • Portfolio management
    • Programme management
    • Project planning and project management
    • Facilities audit, review and quality assurance
    • Security and disaster recovery planning
Information Delivery Services

Having aligned the information management requirements with the business goals and objectives, Azimuth implements the actual delivery of information with minimal disruption. We appraise the ability of each and every component to satisfy the identified requirements of the organisation, present and future, because for us, that is the only sure and consistent measure by which all recommendations can be judged.

Impartiality guarantees that our thorough and clinical evaluation of available technology is made with a knowledge few can rival and based beyond question on aptness, never on opinion.

Azimuth’s information delivery services include the following:

  • Programme Management
  • Project Management
  • Procurement (tender preparation and evaluation)
  • Contract preparation and negotiation