Overview of the Approach

Strategic planning for information systems is concerned with:

  • Understanding the aims and objectives of the business
  • Establishing the information requirements of the business
  • Outlining the systems to provide the information
  • Determining the role of technology in supporting the information systems
  • Agreeing policies and plans to develop and implement the information systems
  • Determining the role and use of resources to achieve the information systems required
  • Managing, reviewing and evolving the strategy.

Our approach has four simple guiding questions to achieve these aims:

  • what is the scope?
  • where are we now?
  • where do we want to be?
  • how do we get there?


The approach is not a detailed “stepbystep” methodology but does contain a recognisable life cycle and deliverables.

The use of techniques (eg data and process modelling, SWOT etc) is not covered in any detail and is left to the individual organisation to determine its preferred approach.

The steps in the life cycle of the method are:

  • Scoping Study
  • Strategy Study
    • preparation
    • business analysis
    • review existing systems
    • identifying opportunities
    • determining and presenting scenarios
    • concluding the Strategy Study
  • Strategy Definition
  • Implementation Planning
  • Monitoring, Tuning and Review.