Azimuth Consulting is one of New Zealands largest, most respected and experienced management consulting companies. 

We provide practical, pragmatic and independent professional advice based on experience gained across a wide range of sectors here in New Zealand and internationally. Our advice is delivered in a clear and structured manner to ensure that you continue to benefit from our experience and advice long after we have gone. We transfer as much knowledge as possible to you and your teams, thereby increasing the skills and knowledge within your organisation. 

Over more than 25 years Azimuth Consulting has successfully delivered over 7000 assignments to NZ Government Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Local Government. Azimuth has also undertaken assignments with both Government and Private Sector organisations internationally. 

Added to this are the many thousands of assignments our consultants have delivered prior to joining us. We have assisted in bringing about positive change for our clients through the alignment of people, business processes, technology and systems. Delivering Value for Money is a key driver and is constantly reviewed throughout each assignment.