Azimuth Consulting has been providing assurance services to Ministries, Agencies and many of New Zealand’s largest corporations for over 25 years. Azimuth Consulting also provides certified Gateway Review Services.

The very essence of our approach – our independence and experience – means we are ideally suited to providing assurance and Gateway review services in the best interests of our clients.

Our approach is directly aligned with international best practice and the guidelines established and defined with :-

  • State Services Commission (IQA -v- Gateway 2009)
  • Managing Successful Programmes (MSP©)
  • The New Zealand Government Capability Toolkit (2008)
  • Guidance for Monitoring Major Projects and Programmes (2011)
  • All-of-Government ICT Projects & Programmes Assurance Framework (V2.0 2014)

Our comprehensive approach covers :-

  • the strategic alignment of your business direction, objectives and support
  • your accountability framework, including people’s roles and 
  • project governance
  • management operations
  • project processes and policies
  • project management in relation to scope, time, cost, quality, 
procurement/contracting, risk, communications, performance, 
benefits and stakeholders
  • business case and other key documentation, checking for 
quality, accuracy and completeness.