Our Approach

Azimuth was established to be independent. Now, as then, we take pride in the fact that we market nothing but our expertise. We do not sell for, act for, or receive any income from any other organisation’s products or services. Our sole interest and focus, our only source of revenue, is the specialised business and information management advice and services we provide.

Our clients benefit from an approach that guarantees we only act in their best interest.

  • Independence

Azimuth’s sole concern is to determine the best solution to problems or business requirements. We receive no commissions, finders’ fees or mark ups as a result of the advice we give and we do not promote, endorse or sell any products. Our recommendations are made and judged only on their ability to meet our clients’ needs.

  • Experience

Azimuth’s clients receive advice from consultants recognised as experts in their field. Our consultants have a proven record in business and information management and experience in assignments that fit our client profile. Knowledge and understanding of developments in business are matters of high priority and our consultants are required to regularly update their skills in management practices and new and emerging technologies.

  • Focus

Our clients profit from consultancy in its pure sense- the long-term provision of impartial advice and guidance, given in their best interests. The reason for that is simple: consultancy is our core business, not one of a range of generalist services.

  • Control

Azimuth’s assignment control methodologies allow complete accountability. Each assignment is tracked, audited and evaluated. A reporting timetable, agreed upon before work commences, ensures clients are kept fully informed on the progress of each assignment.

Clear communication with clients is a major priority, and is viewed by Azimuth as key to reducing the risk of misunderstanding. Our consultants speak and write normal business English. Jargon is used only when necessary, generally in technical documents.

Each of these aspects is the result of Azimuth’s commitment to independent and focused consultancy and clear, simple communication. The direct benefits for clients are maximisation of potential, reduction of risk and full accountability at every stage of every assignment.