Client Testimonials


“The challenges and hurdles that this project met and overcame were a direct reflection of Azimuth’s abilities to manage and meld together a multi-disciplined team… despite inheriting low team morale … Azimuth consistently exceeded expectations.” Director, EDS

“Azimuth constantly exceeded expectations. …enthusiasm, drive and personal qualities quickly raised expectations of a successful outcome” Services Program Manager, Telecom NZ

“Experienced, systematic approach, clearly communicated” Project Manager, United Networks

“Azimuth exceeded expectations …best overall aspect was implementing project management disciplines” General Manager, Television NZ

“Pragmatic approach … good understanding of business priorities” General Manager Finance and IT, CentralPower

“Azimuth constantly exceeded expectations …took control of a poorly managed project and are bringing it in on time and budget.” IS Director

“Delivered against high probability of failure…” Development Mgr, Telecom

“Azimuth took responsibility for a potentially explosive situation and exceeded expectations and delivered in very tight timeframe .. A most admirable feat!” IS Director