A Principled Approach

In approaching change management assignments, our activities are guided by the following principles:

  • Understanding the organisation – we believe that it’s important to grasp the overall strategic intent, core capability, mission, so that change initiatives are aligned with these top-level ‘settings’.
  • Understanding the change – whether a re-organisation, merger, divestment or a large-scale technology implementation, our change practitioners ensure they comprehend the programme causing the changes and its business imperative in order to realise the planned benefits.
  • Aligning with the core programme – we ensure change effort is ‘dovetailed’ with the core change programme, aligned to its timing and milestones and subject to its reporting disciplines, risk management requirements and overall governance. The programme manager and change manager need to be ‘joined at the hip
  • Understanding the real impact for people – we ensure the change programme is ‘disaggregated’ so that individual workplace impacts may be discerned, in order to provide the right mix of support interventions to individuals.
  • Agreeing the right interventions – by ensuring that the change initiatives fit employment practices, cultural imperatives and the wider organisational context. ‘Who does what’ counts too – in many cases it’s more appropriate for line managers, or the HR community to act, than the change management practitioner.
  • Putting people first – throughout the ‘change journey’ individuals will face different impacts, experience differing intensity of impact and possess varying capabilities to assimilate new work practices. Without fail, our demeanor demonstrates that we respect people, listen to them and communicate openly and honestly with them.